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Even the most successful people face failure from time to time, but that’s easy to forget when it happens to you. Failure can seem like the most devastating thing in the world and, if you don’t know how to bounce back from it, that one failure can set you on a path of self-destruction. These tips can help you retrain your mind to react more positively to failures, allowing you to become more resilient and determined.

Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal on a regular basis can help you clear your thoughts and relieve stress. It can be especially helpful after suffering failure. This can help you identify what you did wrong and how you might have avoided the failure. It can also help you identify the triggers that cause you to feel defeated, so you can circumvent those situations.

Take on More Challenges

The more you challenge yourself, the higher the risk for failure. However, you should look for challenges that may result in small consequences for failure. This way, your failures will be only slightly devastating enough to help you desensitize yourself against the feelings associated with failure. In time, you’ll begin to see that failures do happen and they’re just a part of the process of pursuing challenges. You’ll also see that you’ll succeed far more often than you’ll fail, which will help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Look for Social Support

When you are facing failure, it can help to have others to confide in about the experience. You don’t necessarily have to look for a formal support group. Your own circle of friends can serve just as well. You can talk to them about the situation, or you can just enjoy their company. Either way, the strong emotions associated with the failure won’t feel as devastating and you’ll be able to bounce back easier. People who have close social circles are less affected by their failures than those who aren’t able to confide in friends.

Keeping a more positive mindset doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by your failures. It means you won’t let those failures keep you from succeeding in the future. Using these tips to strengthen your resolve will help you confront those obstacles to your success.