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Laizer Kornwasser

Professional Development


Professional development and constructive feedback are two concepts that Laizer Kornwasser strongly values.

In both business and education, Laizer Kornwasser’s goal has been to create an environment that helps his protégés to learn and grow. Therefore, to Laizer both giving and receiving feedback are crucial. It is something he stresses as a leader and professor. Over the last 20 years of his career, Laizer has learned to not only embrace feedback, he now actively seeks it out as well.

After many years of trial and error, Laizer Kornwasser has found the optimal landscape for giving someone productive feedback. He first creates a feedback-friendly environment by asking that he be the subject and the focus of criticism. This opens the door to communication and makes it easier to reciprocate down the line. When the time comes to offer feedback, Laizer believes that it is important to maintain this non-threatening environment by giving prospective guidance, not retrospective criticism. As the recipient, it is important to make use of feedback by developing an action plan and making the necessary changes. All of this requires pushing your own ego aside and remembering that genuine growth requires honest self-reflection. As such, embracing feedback is one of the hardest skills to master.

As a professor, Laizer Kornwasser does not use a textbook because he prefers to teach students how to think critically in preparation for dynamic workplace environments. With that in mind, a third of his class is dedicated to guest lectures given by both successful and unsuccessful CEOs. This gives his students a chance to ask questions and learn from their successes and mistakes. Case studies are another tool he uses to sharpen analytical thinking, as well as lectures that focus on lean management and technological structures.

Another step towards achieving professional growth is defining the term “success.” While it may come naturally and seem easy to think in only short-term goals, Laizer Kornwasser knows it is important to see the bigger picture and look at long-term success as well. Both types of success are important, but long-term success provides a better viewpoint and game plan for ongoing success beyond the immediate future. This birds-eye view of success can offer innumerable benefits in all kinds of business endeavors, whether negotiating a business deal or managing a team.

To learn more about Laizer Kornwasser’s perspective on feedback and professional development, be sure to visit his blog page.